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The Perfect Oregon Coast Beach House For Your Large Group

Firstly, we just want to say that traveling again is the best thing ever. We've missed it. So much. We are so thankful for masks, sanitation and the issuing of vaccinations that are enabling us to travel safely once again.

Without further delay. Let's get right into it. We've been up and down the Pacific Northwest Coastline. We've made a lot of friends with incredible places to stay. We find it incredibly hard to stay somewhere new because of the beautiful places we've already experienced thus far. But this time, we just had to venture some place new.

Neskowin Beach House officially opened their doors to guests in June of 2019. Within a short driving distance of our favorite beach, Cape Kiwanda, we knew this was a very special place.

Neskape Beach House is a quick 20 minute drive north to Cape Kiwanda and a 15 minute drive away from Lincoln City (Hello, outlet malls!). It is also a quick 2 hour drive along the beautiful coastline to Canon Beach. Which I highly recommend fitting into your schedule because of the countless viewpoints along the way. The perfect place to end your quick trip before turning around to returning to the best beach house ever is Ecola State Park. All of which would be the perfect day out.

But the highlight of your trip, if you let me plan it. Would be returning to Neskape Beach House. I'm fairly certain that the designers of stole all my dreams and desires for the dreamiest house on earth and put them in one house. I'm not overstating. I opened my eyes to dawn on reflecting on the ocean waves! I cooked all 3 meals watching the ocean. I went in a hot tub while it rained while watching white caps of waves crash into the shoreline below. I woke up and went into a DRY sauna then I showered in a LED light multi-head shower for the day. I ended my day snuggled in a blanket, watching the sunset at the onsite cozy fire pit. I then fell asleep to sail boats out at sea growing smaller on the horizon.

I would have been entirely fine staying in the house for the entirety of my vacation. Which I can honestly say I have not said once in my lifetime. Who wants to stay in a house for a vacation? Me. There I said it. I'm sure you would too.

From the styling, quality of materials to the fully stocked kitchen it was made for comfortable living. You know what I mean? The kind of stay where you're not scared you're going to break something, with too much stuff that you cannot comfortably settle in. But the kind that enables you to unpack, breathe and actually USE the surroundings. If you ask me, that actually adds to the relaxing experience.

Not to mention you can bring the entire family and the family next door. Neskowin Beach House sleeps large groups, I lost count at 18 people in beds and I'm sure you could sleep more very comfortably. I'm not joking when I say I'm currently helping 2 families figure out the details to retreat there together soon.

I'd love to help you plan yours. You can check out our YouTube video where we did our best to walk through the entire here. Be sure to book your stay at

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